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  2019 - 2020 session meetings:

THERE WAS NO MEETING ON THURSDAY  12TH December 2019 due to the Hall being an election station. Thus the talk by Philip Jeffs on "A Basic History of Warrington through Maps" will be given on March 12th 2020.

Our next meeting is in March 2020.
Next meeting is on Thursday February 12th,
2020 by  Philip Jeffs 
"A Basic History of Warrington through Maps.".

Meetings are held at:
Culcheth Community Centre, 2 Jackson Avenue, Culcheth, Warrington, WA3 4EL, UK.
(See map and parking details under location heading in top menu.)

Starting time 7.15 pm for 7.30 pm.  Tea from 7.15 pm to 7.30 pm  at a small donation.

Group Publications.
Some members of the Group  and others have written scholarly articles on
local history subjects, which have been published by the group or in other publications.
Details can be given on request.


The Raven Inn.

CLHG gets action in other places : British Archaeology

The magazine of the Council for British Archaeology ["CBA"] "British Archaeology"  in their May/June 2019 issue have considered the Raven Inn to be similar to Carlton Tavern, York case and discuss both in their article 'casenotes 43 ' by Bob Sykes, the CBA's listed buildings caseworker for  England. The CBA considered the original planning application for the Raven Inn flawed (with a considerable number of mistakes) and would result in "total loss" and the "harm" would be considerable. Thus they lodged an objection. They noted that the original planning application was withdrawn just as they went to press. This was as a result of a CLHG member advising them of the application to demolish the Raven Inn.

 In the March 2019 edition of Culcheth Life issue 192 , it is reported that  the campaigners
for the 'saving' of The Raven Inn have had some success.

The developers Osborne and Co have writtent to the campaigners saying they have acceped "the views of the majority of objections".The campaigners had set up a fighting fund to fund action to adjust or alter the proposals and their fund still needs cash in case of further developments.

"Facebook Group".  (Applicants need to join the group as it a "closed group".)

The campaigners have set up a "closed group" on Facebook. Where only members of the group may read  entries. Should you wish to join the campaign group, you can register to join on the group page.

There is also a short article on a website with a contact email address for information This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Culcheth Life is published by Orbit News Ltd and their website is
Their website on 28th February 2019 notes
CAMPAIGNERS battling to save the historic 16th Century Raven Inn at Glazebury, Warrington, say they would like to see it transformed into a community hub for future generations to enjoy.
Previous noteupdated:


Culcheth Local History Group  [ CLHG]. 

Culcheth Local History Group, founded at Culcheth local library in 2006, is an all age group who meet monthly in 
Culcheth, Warrington, England to hear speakers on wide ranging matters of interest, visit local (and not so local) 
sites and events.

Visitors are very welcome.
Members pay a small annual fee.  Annual fee  of £10.00 payable in September.
Visitors pay a visitors fee per meeting. A fee £3.00 is payable at each meeting.

The Group meets on the Second Thursday of each month in 

 Culcheth Community Centre, 

2 Jackson Avenue, Culcheth, Warrington, WA3 4EL, England.

Starting time 7.15 pm for 7.30 pm. 

Refreshments available.

Parking is available at nearby council car park and local shopping centres. 

See 'location tab'.


Meetings for 2019-2020 session.

Start meeting for 2019-2020 session and Meetings  for 2019-2020 session.


[Thursdays ]





 Mike Kenwright


 The Mersey and Irwell Navigation



 Anna Alexander

 Child labour in Warrington in 19th Century.




Victor Charlesworth

 Warrington Freemasons from 1646.





Philip Jeffs

 Cancelled DUE ELECTION USE OF HALL. See March 12th 2020 entry .
A Basic History of Warrington through Maps.
Talk will now be given on March 12th 2020.


January 9th, 2020


Less Green &
Bob Cannell

 Manchester Goods for  Manchester Docks.

February 13th, 2020

Barbara Joyce

  Fashion and Social Change.


 March 12th, 2020


Philip Jeffs

 A Basic History of Warrington through Maps.


 April 09th, 2020


John Shaw

 Who Put The Muck in the Mucky  

  May 14th,2020

Bill Cooke


 Warrington Woman.

 Notice: our AGM wil be held during this meeting. 



April 11th, 2019


Harry Wells

 The Life of William Beamont



 September 2020


  2020-2021 program to be advised.




















 Marcg 12th 2020

























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