Newchurch Display


Newchurch Church in Culcheth display at an open event
during Culcheth Community Day in 2016.

This display was prepared by our Chair after extensive research into the church including visits to Church of England  archiives and
a few items were prepared for display on a board at the community Day.
The event was scheduled for May 2016 and was called off due to rain penetration of the Culcheth Children's field being unable to
support vehicles or people without 'sinking in mud'.

The event was re-scheduled for July 2016 and on the day was abandoned at 10 am, again

due to weeks of rain making the area unusable.

Here you can see the display, without our able Chair to explain or answer questions on the display.

The church dates from early 16th centrury. Newchurch wa soriginally a chapel of ease to St. Oswald's at Winwick.
The first chapel was probably of wooden construction, which wa srebuilt in brick in 1743 and later enlarged in the 19th century.

The church burnt down in 1903 and was replaced in 1904 with the present church.

Some photographs from the display are given below


200 1 2 Newchurch Display Board Copy




201 1 Burnt Church colour sketch




203 1 1833 church extension




202 1 Newchurch information about the display