Warrington Women

 Speaker Dr. Bill Cooke

During a physical meeting after the lock down conditions of early 2021 were eased, the group returned to hear a talk in person from a visiting speaker,
whose talk originally scheduled for May 2021 was envntually delivered at a restricted attendance meeting in December 2021.

Dr Bill Cooke, a lecturer Priestly College  gave an illustrated talk on Warrington Women, who had a major national effect on the United Kingdom.

An enraptured audience listen to Cr Bill Cooke talk about five women, some famous, some forgotten who had at their time and thereafter
an effect on the thinking and conditions of the populace of the united Kingdom.

It raised a large amount of questions and was deemed by some attndees as a "Brilliant Talk".

Our thanks go to Dr Bill Cooke for his knowledge and outspokenness on the forgetting of hose who shaped our modern world.