2019-02-14 Impromptu

Impromptu Talk replaced scheduled talk.

Our meeting on February 14th, 2019, a talk by Philip Jeffs on “A Basic History of Warrington through Maps” was abandoned due to technical difficulties with the projector-computer combination. The group hopes to enjoy Philip's talk at a later time.

Impromptu Talk.

Marlene Nolan with much professionalism of ‘the show must go on’ type stepped up to the front and gave a much enjoyed impromptu talk on Culcheth’s past.

Marlene showed some slides from her own personal research notes into Culcheth’s past and talked of the persons, places, and change to the area though records she has researched, and answered questions from the audience.

Marlene’s ‘off the cuff’ talk was much appreciated by our members and visitors.

Old Maps

Below by courtesy of the of the National Library of Scotland, and reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland are a couple of early Ordnance Survey maps circa 1900 from the Lancashire Sheet areas of the Ordnance Survey.

These do not show the older Culcheth, but at a time ‘after the railway development’ era, and one should note that our nearby Kenyon Junction is the oldest junction stop, and has entered crime novels due to its fame. The “Culcheth” name itself is not on one of the maps but “Newchurch” is the name given at both east and west of the present village centre, while on the other map “Newchurch” is the village place name with a “Culcheth Hall” nearby also named.


Culcheth 1900 OS map Screenshot 2019 02 28 18 50 46


Lancs 1900 OS Map Screenshot 2019 02 28 19 04 54


The group thanks Philip Jeffs for his help during an eventful evening and Marlen Nolan for her succesful impromptu talk.