20210115 Social Distancing 1582

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20210115 Report Social Distancing in 1582.

As we battle with social distancing in Culcheth in 2021, perhaps we should look back at one place which undertook that in 1582.

Alghero, Sardinia.

The concept of social distancing at approximately 2 metres (6 feet, one fathom) was instigated by a medical practitioner in the port of Alghero, Sardinia along with quarantine measures to successfully overcome the spread of the plague from the port to outside the port.


Ole Benedictow, emeritus professor of history at University of Oslo

The report on this special man many years ahead of his time was studied by Ole Benedictow of University of Oslo and reported in “BBC FUTURE”.

Two metres distance.

Two metres social distancing reduces the risk of infection from our Covid-19 virus to about one fifth to one tenth of that at one metre social distancing.

It is worth the read.


Link to BBC FUTURE website articel with images and commentary.