A letter to CLHG.

We have received by very indirect secure means an account of the continuous method of governance of China,
by a now retired former educated person who has worked both in state industry and in private industry.

The writer's opinions would be dangerous to publish in China, as their life and their family's lives could be in danger.
The writer has summarised their thoughts as a set of essays.
The writer is personally known to a Culcheth person who has worked with them in China and elsewhere for many years
and who transmitted them to CLHG to record present history and thoughts through publication of their thoughts,
in the form of their essays, where publication of this history would be a method of recording the Chinese thoughts
of a person who lives in perpetual fear of expresing their real thouhts, unless they 'actively use self censorship'
at all times,

These essays  may aid understanding  by non-Chinese persons of China's aims.

These essays are on old and present Chinese present governance, and how it is misinterpreted in "The West"
and its wrong interpretation by 'The West" could lead to a complete misunderstanding of the actual purpose of
the present Chinese government to dominate all others, as the Chinese Government misleads by
'pretending to act as a communist state' while the governing Chinese Communist Party acts actually
in the mode of an old Emperor or perhaps to UK eyes an absolute Tudor Monarch.

These essays are solely the work of and opinions of the author, and have no confirmation or opinion or
consideration as the opinion of CLHG or its members or associates.

They are here purely to  allow transmission of the author's thoughts to The West.


The essays are in PDF form which you may read or download from the link below.

Link to Essays-Chinese-and-English-PDF.pdf


 This may allow us to reflect on the freedoms we have to express our opinions without fear on both the past and the present